The Problem

In every organization, there are certain people that others seek out more frequently for their technical expertise, for their encouragement, or for their knowledge about how things really work.

When organizations are small, these influential individuals are typically known to their superiors and often recognized by them for performing these vital and but informal roles.

But as the organization grows, layers of hierarchy emerge, work becomes more specialized, and workers get spread out over different locations.

These changes make identifying influencers much harder at precisely the time when their informal roles are becoming more important.

The Solution

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a technique for identifying influencers, no matter where they might work in the organization. It accomplishes this by mapping information and communication flows among workers, especially among those residing in different locations, specializations, and hierarchical levels.

The Benefits

Studies have shown that, on average, influencers outperform their co-workers on a variety of dimensions. Unfortunately, many organizations fail to systematically identify, let alone recognize these key individuals. Thus, influencers can be at higher risk of exit—just the people an organization doesn’t want to loose. If you’d like help finding hidden influencers in your organization, contact us.