Our vision: Find the best in you! Performance at its best.

Our mission I: We help you uncover the hidden organization and leverage the power of informal human networks. Discover the company behind the chart and harness the real power in your organization.

Our mission II: We provide teams and organizations with tools to get the best out of your people. Performing day in and day out is challenging and can be frustrating. With our tools your team leaders will master the daily routines more efficiently.

When fby’s creator and co-founder, Michael Gralla, learned about the power of informal networks at work, he found the missing piece to his idea of supporting leaders in their daily quest for success. In his career, Michael has worked with teams and people of different cultures, genders, and age in international environments. His passion for teams made him select business-oriented, state-of-the-art tools to optimize team performance.

Meeting Dr. Starling Hunter was not only enlightening, but gave Michael a new perspective on organizational behavior. Dr. Starling Hunter is an expert in analyzing organizational networks by studying informal relationships in work-related environments. The influence of informal employee networks are well described in literature and a very potent tool to evaluate communication weaknesses. The results of the analysis show impact on individual (spot high-potential talents), team (uncover teams that outperform the status quo) and organizational (reveal communication gaps) level.