Why you should participate in the study today:

  1. Free of charge
  2. Tailored study design to meet the needs of your organization
  3. Easy to handle: online questionnaire, max 10 minutes of your staff’s time
  4. Powerful report: we help you identify hidden in-house high-potential employees, reveal team dynamics, and show collaboration weaknesses across key boundaries

Find the study invitation here: ONA study invitation

Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) is a method to analyze and visualize the formal vs. the informal communication, information, and decision networks in organizations. It helps your business become more effective by maximizing organic exchange of information and knowledge across functional silos and hierarchical levels. ONA also helps leaders to identify those individuals within the organization that play key communication roles – the so-called influencers. ONA is a robust tool to unveil communication challenges, use talent efficiently, increase operational effectiveness and thereby transform organizations in a smarter way.

Under supervision of fby partner and US management professor Sterling Hunter, fby invites your organization to participate in a communication study to analyze your organization’s informal network. This study is free of charge. Please get in touch to unlock the power of your network.