Organizations, departments, and teams are held together by informal relationships like trust, knowledge-sharing, and communication. fby. strategically analyzes these informal relationships to help your organization optimize performance. We offer an authentic, permanent partnership to support your leaders. Former clients include:

Former ONA clients


Our approach to Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) follows these two steps:

Step 1: We use a short, targeted survey to:

  • Identify every employees’ position in the organization’s informal network
  • Identify the positions of formal leaders in the informal network
  • Identify the extent of informal collaboration across key boundries

Step 2: Our follow-up services include interventions:

On the individual level

On the team level

  • Map positions of formal leaders to their group’s performance
  • Develop group-level network action plans
  • Objective & key results based goal setting

On the organizational level

  • Map positions of key structural and cultural-affinity groups to their performance
  • Develop an organization-wide network action plan

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