Invented by Intel, objectives and key results (OKR) is a concept to manage team goals and improve productivity by aligning human capital towards high-level goals in an actionable manner. Put into reality the team defines “objectives” and measurable “key results that determine accomplishment of each objective in a short or long term initiative. As team members and team leaders set goals, unique for the method is the mix of bottom-up and top-down management. When used to its full potential, OKRs help connect companies at organizational, team and individual levels in a cohesive manner.

Implementation of OKRs require time and proper communication of the management with the rest of the organization. Successfully established, OKRs:

  • nurture organization culture by fostering strategic, goal-oriented thinking
  • encourage planning before action
  • demand discipline during the process of achieving set goals
  • support cross-functional communication
  • enable transparency
  • clarify expectations
  • allow follow-up of progress
  • simplify defining success

OKRs is used by a wide range of Fortune 500 companies. fby offers a software based on OKRs that will help your team work more collaborative towards set goals. You define goals, follow and achieve them. That saves time and money. Please contact us for further information.