Overview follow-up services:

  • Compare individual performance measures with self-assessed performance
  • Analysis of a wider range of instrumental and affective relationships
  • Personalized Network Action Plans
  • Group Network Action Plans
  • Identification of individual’s motivations and working-life values
  • Development of personal growth plans

We believe in identify, recognize, reward, and replicate.

Identify: With the help of ONA, we:

  • Identify hidden high-potential employees
  • Reveal team dynamics
  • Identify informal collaborations across key boundries

Recognize: Inform your high-potential employees about their roles in your organization!

Reward: We helped you spot employees with highly important influential roles. How should you reward them? First, we need to find out what they are motivated by. What energizes your high-potential employee at work? We offer an assessment test that answers this exact question. Reward your employees according to their hotspots of motivation! To go one step further, reward your best talents by sending them to our leadership training – unique, as it focuses on diversity-specific challenges with a special focus on gender-specific leadership.

Replicate: Our action plans based on the results of the ONA will help your employees collaborate more and become more influential to the best of your organization.