Performance at work depends only partly on an individual’s capability, ability, set of skills and behaviors. It is the combination of an individual’s capability and engagement/motivation that results in optimal performance. People thrive in environments with the closest match between job & organization and capability & motivation. McLean and company found that disengaged employees cost economies billions of dollars per year due to lost productivity.

The most engaged workplaces experience:

  • 2x higher customer loyalty
  • 2x higher productivity
  • 2x lower turnover

Drives is an online questionnaire that focuses on an individual’s motivations and values at work. It helps stimulate and energize people in their daily work lives. The motivation test looks at four different domains. Each domain contains four different drives, which can be further categorized into three indicators.

  1. challenge: refers to individuals seeking challenge and personal development
  2. esteem: refers to individuals finding a sense of worth from their role
  3. personal: refers to the individual’s life they wish to live
  4. connection: refers to an individual’s importance to relationships

Benefits of using drives:

  • reduced employee turnover
  • customized to your own working values
  • creates a positive working culture
  • increases employee engagement
  • supports development
  • increases productivity
  • designed for team leaders
  • popular tool for career coaching
  • helps monitor individual development
  • leadership development

fby offers the personal assessment test ‘drives’ that helps leaders discover the hotspots of motivation of each team member. This has significant impact when it comes to assigning tailored tasks. A unique rating scheme allows to define the working-life values of the individual. The test is available in 10 different languages, including English and Swedish. Please contact us for further information.

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