fby. find the best in you. is a human capital firm. Our name is our vision. We envision a world of self-aware individuals who live thoughtfully and impactful. We envision a world of individuals aware of their surroundings and nature. We envision a world whose leaders put people first. fby. is a consulting and coaching company that focuses on team development and individual growth. We help individuals identify their values, strengths, and motivations and develop personalized branding strategies. We provide organizations with strategies to identify, attract, train and retain talent.

Michael Gralla, CEO

Michael Gralla is an entrepreneur, certified talent developer and personal branding strategist. His passion for people and teams allowed him guide people with different personalities & cultural backgrounds. Michael got experience in executive roles and guided talents in their search for stability. With an international mindset, Michael has lived and worked in three different countries and holds degrees and certificates in four countries.



starling hunter
Starling Hunter, Ph.D. – partner

Dr. Starling Hunter is an organizational theorist and architect and former professor at MIT and the Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar. His research interests include the strategic uses and organizational consequences of management information systems. Often it is the informal organization, the networks of relationships that individuals form across offices and functions to accomplish tasks quickly that needs studying.


CV-Starling David Hunter III-20170411
Dr. Starling Hunter speaks about informal networks.